Among today’s faculty we are privileged to have 32 active and prolific investigators, who have collectively accumulated hundreds of person years, and published more than 600 articles in peer reviewed chiropractic and scholarly journals. Their research areas include: clinical studies, education, biomechanics, non-clinical basic sciences, health system & policy, endocrine/immune, anatomy, public health and epidemiology.

Faculty conduct innovative research projects, many of which are collaborations with researchers from other disciplines and institutions of higher learning. CMCC staff and faculty receive grants from a number of sources, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the National Institutes of Health in the United States.

Students benefit from direct contact with researchers, and from the quick integration of new findings into course content. The Canadian health care system and chiropractic patients also benefit as more funding sources and dollars are secured.

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Adjunct Faculty

  • Allan Gotlib, BSc, DC
  • Bernadette Murphy, DC, PhD
  • Carlo Ammendolia, DC, PhD
  • Cindy Peterson, DC, DACBR, M.Med.Ed
  • Deborah Sutton, BSc, MSc, MEd
  • Eldon Tunks, MD, FRCP(C)
  • Geoffery Outerbridge, BSc, MSc, DC
  • Gordon McMorland, BSc, DC
  • Greg Kawchuk, BSc, DC, MSc, PhD
  • Hainan Yu, MBBS, MSc
  • Heather Shearer, BA, DC FCCS(C), MSc
  • Heather Tick, MA, MD, CAFCI, DipAAPM
  • Jason Busse, DC, MSc, PhD
  • John Dufton, BSc, DC, MSc, MD
  • John Srbely, DC, PhD
  • Kent Stuber, BSc, DC, MSc
  • Kim Humphreys, BSc, DC, PhD
  • Kristi Randhawa, BHScH, MPH
  • Linda J. Carroll, BA, MA, PhD
  • Linda Woodhouse, PT, PhD
  • Maja Stupar, BSc, DC FCCS(C)
  • Margareta Nordin, PT, Dr Med Sci, CIE
  • Michael David Cusimano, MD, FRCS(C), MHPE, DABNS, PhD
  • Michael N. Brown, PA, DC, MD
  • Paul Nolet, DC, MS, MPH, FRCCSS(C)
  • Pierre Côté, DC, FCCS(C), PhD
  • Reed Ferber, PhD, CAT(C), ATC
  • Ron Feise, DC
  • Sharanya Varatharajan, BScH, MSc