Work Disability Prevention Program

Coordinator: P Loisel, MD

This contemporary graduate level program in work disability prevention has been developed from the modern framework of the Work Disability Paradigm. Scientific knowledge in this field has progressed considerably in the past 20 years and is poised to alter present day practices.

Work disability develops in workers following various accidents or disorders, whether they are work related or not. It is associated with poor health indicators, loss of quality of life and may lead to poverty and work exclusion. Disability results in a huge burden for workers, their families, employers and society and can deprive a worker of a major social role, source of income, pride and accomplishment.

Coordination of the key systems within the Work Disability Paradigm requires specific skills and competencies in order to help a work disabled patient/worker navigate these systems and ensure a safe and sustainable return to work.

This program is aimed at educating health professionals to appropriately coordinate processes for the effective return of the disabled worker to the workplace.

Completion of this program will enable health or social professionals to hold positions as Return to Work experts, working closely with employers, public and private insurers or in independent practice.

The program will be offered at two levels:

  1. Return to Work Advanced Certificate Program – Two Years
  2. AECC/Bournemouth University Professional MSc Program – Three Years, including the CMCC Return to Work Advanced Certificate Program

The Return to Work Advanced Certificate Program will be delivered in a mixed model format. Course delivery will include distance education along with on site education sessions.