Work Disability Prevention Program

Coordinator: P Loisel, MD

The postgraduate certificate program in Work Disability Prevention is aimed at educating health professionals to appropriately coordinate processes for the effective return of the disabled worker to the workplace. Developed from the modern framework of the work disability paradigm, this program focuses on specific skills and competencies required to help a work disabled patient/worker navigate the multitude of factors related to the worker themselves, the workplace, the safety net system, the healthcare system and cultural and legal issues to help ensure a safe and sustainable return to work.

Work disability develops in workers following various accidents or disorders, and is a huge burden for workers and their families, employers and society. Prolonged work disability deprives a worker of a major social role, their source of income and a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is associated with poor health indicators, loss of quality of life and may lead to poverty and work exclusion. Because of the high cost of work disability, there is a growing demand for Return to Work experts across all industries.

Completion of this program will enable health professionals and Master's level Social Workers to hold positions as Return to Work experts, working closely with employers, public and private insurers or in independent practice.

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The program offered:

  1. Return to Work Advanced Certificate Program – Two Years

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