Four year Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Degree Program

CMCC's four-year doctor of chiropractic degree is evidence-based. Beginning in Year I, the curriculum provides opportunities for integration, application and reflection of learning. Combining lectures, labs, case studies and clinical internship provides a smooth transition from academic knowledge to problem solving for diagnosis, treatment and management of patients’ conditions.

Year I & Year II

For the first two years of study, students build a foundation of knowledge, and learn how to integrate this knowledge into clinical cases. In Year I, the program begins with the basic sciences (anatomy, biochemistry, biomechanics and radiation biophysics), which inform students about the normal processes in the human body. Applied courses (diagnostic imaging interpretation, health promotion, orthopaedics and clinical diagnosis) are added integrating learning from the basic sciences and leading students to chiropractic diagnosis. In Year II, courses in physiology and pathology are added to the curriculum. These courses provide students with the basic understanding of mechanisms related to health, disease and other neuromuscular conditions, and how these mechanisms present in clinical cases. Throughout these first two years, students learn how to take patient histories, the skills that will form the basis for physical examination and treatment (chiropractic technique). They also learn how to critically appraise research so that, as practitioners, they can make sound judgements about new examination and treatment procedures (applied research and biometrics).

Year III

In Year III students are exposed to an increasing amount of case-based material in order to prepare them for the role of student intern (Yr IV) in the CMCC clinic system. The basic sciences from Years I and II are integrated into the clinical and diagnostic sciences, laboratory diagnosis, pathology, and clinical nutrition classes. A comprehensive approach to diagnostic imaging ensures students hone their skills in imaging interpretation and diagnosis. Patient management, ethics and jurisprudence, and emergency care further prepare the students for patient encounters in the CMCC clinic system and for private practice.

Year IV

Students take part in two six-month internships in CMCC’s teaching clinics, on campus and in communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area, under the supervision of clinical faculty.

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